Things You Should Not Do in Office

One of the most disturbing thing in the office may come from your colleague(s). Surprise? Well you need not surprised. It is logic because in your office what you meet mostly will be the office equipments, job and colleagues. And the most potential thing to become the most annoying creature for you is your colleague, not your job or your boss. Why? Because colleagues are human who can move, speak, and act on its own and meet with you often.

So if you are working in an office, better to watch your act because sometimes it can be offended to the others without you aware about it. And the worse is that your colleague may hate you because of your unattended attitude while you actually never do something wrong! Example? Just a few simple example below:
  1. Avoid to go and chat with your colleague that close to you and giggle (besides this is consider not polite in the office).
  2. While talking to someone you keep steal a glance at someone else. this will make your other colleague thought you're gossiping on him/her.
  3. Like to whisper
  4. Speak loud
  5. Laugh loud
  6. Spy on the others desk/computer
  7. Try to control your colleague
  8. Feel more superior than the others
  9. Like to critic the others
  10. For multinational environment try to always speak in English so that people whose mother tongue different than yours will be able to understand what are you talking about even if you are not talking with them.
Well the above just a few example only, but those are the most common that happening in the office. If you want to be the most hated person in your office, you can try 2 or 3 of the above examples:).