Things You Should Not Do in Office


One of the most disturbing thing in the office may come from your colleague(s). Surprise? Well you need not surprised. It is logic because in your office what you meet mostly will be the office equipments, job and colleagues. And the most potential thing to become the most annoying creature for you is your colleague, not your job or your boss. Why? Because colleagues are human who can move, speak, and act on its own and meet with you often.

So if you are working in an office, better to watch your act because sometimes it can be offended to the others without you aware about it. And the worse is that your colleague may hate you because of your unattended attitude while you actually never do something wrong! Example? Just a few simple example below:
  1. Avoid to go and chat with your colleague that close to you and giggle (besides this is consider not polite in the office).
  2. While talking to someone you keep steal a glance at someone else. this will make your other colleague thought you're gossiping on him/her.
  3. Like to whisper
  4. Speak loud
  5. Laugh loud
  6. Spy on the others desk/computer
  7. Try to control your colleague
  8. Feel more superior than the others
  9. Like to critic the others
  10. For multinational environment try to always speak in English so that people whose mother tongue different than yours will be able to understand what are you talking about even if you are not talking with them.
Well the above just a few example only, but those are the most common that happening in the office. If you want to be the most hated person in your office, you can try 2 or 3 of the above examples:).



Smile won't hurt anybody unless if you do it on purpose to make fun of someone. With smile, you cheer up your day and the others. With smile, it will gives you energy to exercise your day. With smile, it will keep you young. With smile, you make yourself happy. With smile, you will give positive environment to your's smile!

Enjoy Your Life and Be Yourself!!


Is being skinny will bring any good to you? The answer is most likely NO. Let me elaborate. It will just bring you suffer! In order to be skinny, many people (woman mostly) prevent themself to eat delicious food, eating disorder, got health problem, stress, and many more. They are willing to do this because they want to be look good just to impress people who DON'T CARE. Oh and one little secret...actually mostly man don't like skinny girl:):). So the message is that never let yourself suffer and miss a lot of great things in this world! To be look good and pretty you don't have to be skinny and people value you not because you are skinny but they value you through your attitude.

So just enjoy your life and be yourself!

What's your dog?


I notice many people like to have a dog. But many of them never well prepared before taking the dog. They never think carefully before make the decision...Do I have enough time to bring the dog walk? Am I willing to take care of the dog on their old days..not just because when their puppy their cute..but what when the dog is getting old and have a health problem. Am I willing to spend my money? Is Golden or Husky good for a small house and hot weather? Etc...ect...remember never make the decision before you think that you are ready...otherwise you will make them suffer.

Go Green! Green Life! Green Alive!


Save the earth! No polution, save energy, no chemical, no war, no un-expected climate changes, no global warming, no disaster!! Save the future generations.

Blog Booming



Blog Booming! Perhaps it is the most popular thing in the world now. Why so many blog? Well it's because:

- Money Maker
- The easiest way to be heard and tell our idea
- A tool for promotion

But can you image if everyone in this world doing blog? What is the negative and the positive impact?

WINE, is it a popular drink?


Almost everyone know what is wine. But is it a popular drink? Yes, it is popular among European but it is not popular among non-European.
Some researches said that wine is good for health. Some good things about wine (of course with moderate portion:)) :
  1. Its chemical component contains antioxidant which may prevent cancer and coronary disease.
  2. Good for digestive system
  3. May prevent dementia
  4. Live longer and young
However, not everyone should drink wine especially if they already having health problem.

Popular Food!!


Most of the time I asked myself. Why are this kind of food always common and popular compare to other food? On my own opinion (I am not an expert!) .... think because:
  1. It's fast to serve
  2. Tasty enough
  3. Cheaper
  4. Practical to eat no spoon & fork and other utensils that sometimes quite troublesome and take your time
  5. Most important it can feel your stomach enough that wont make you hungry
  6. And......? I think that's all but if you have another idea you can let me know!

That's the reasons we always see McDonald, KFC, BurgerKings, are always full with customers. So it's so common to see someone hold this popular food in anywhere, anyplace, any age, any gender. Even someone who never heard and eat it before (hey, maybe you can't believe that there're some people who don't know about this food..but just believe it because they exist), will find it cool to eat..Why? Because it's common & popular!! I myself seldom eat them but if there's vote for popular food I think I will vote fast food.