Popular Food!!

Most of the time I asked myself. Why are this kind of food always common and popular compare to other food? On my own opinion (I am not an expert!) .... think because:
  1. It's fast to serve
  2. Tasty enough
  3. Cheaper
  4. Practical to eat no spoon & fork and other utensils that sometimes quite troublesome and take your time
  5. Most important it can feel your stomach enough that wont make you hungry
  6. And......? I think that's all but if you have another idea you can let me know!

That's the reasons we always see McDonald, KFC, BurgerKings, are always full with customers. So it's so common to see someone hold this popular food in anywhere, anyplace, any age, any gender. Even someone who never heard and eat it before (hey, maybe you can't believe that there're some people who don't know about this food..but just believe it because they exist), will find it cool to eat..Why? Because it's common & popular!! I myself seldom eat them but if there's vote for popular food I think I will vote fast food.